manara (stolen_pie) wrote in moosikchatuk,

everybody in MCUK is retarded

LOL@everyone in here being a fagtard

OnlineHost: *** You are in "Music Chat UK". ***
LeSparrowPants: hot hot heat \m/
Breni 1988: look for your attention?
Tree Powder: told me to fuck off when i said fuck all to him
Breni 1988: you thick fuck
Randomdrifter666: audioslave
LeSparrowPants: naked in the city \m/
Breni 1988: you asked me a question
OriginOfSymm3try: bandages \m/
HeavyFlowOfEvil: hell yeah
Breni 1988: you asked if i liked you
Tree Powder: am i supposed to be bothred
HeavyFlowOfEvil: have you heard the new single
Tree Powder: would u shut up if i agreee with u
LeSparrowPants: tree
Tree Powder: i bet u wouldnt then either
LeSparrowPants: you dont seem bothered
HeavyFlowOfEvil: goodnight goodnight
LeSparrowPants: :-\
HeavyFlowOfEvil: fantastic!
Xxmrplayingimsxx: puts the who on <<<<
Breni 1988: andy? do you still think i'm tree
Tree Powder: ive did it in the past and it just made peopel think they could give me shit
FewAgainstMany x: James did i send you this song? "Vampires will never hurt you"
LeSparrowPants: lol breni
Tree Powder: and walk all over me
AIbumVersion: lmao
LeSparrowPants: i never did
OriginOfSymm3try: Razorlight // keep the right profile
OriginOfSymm3try: yes thansk jem
LeSparrowPants: i knew how much you hated him
LeSparrowPants: so i was winding you up
Breni 1988: good good
Breni 1988: 8-)
HeavyFlowOfEvil: keep the right profile is a clash song
FewAgainstMany x: thought so hehehe
LeSparrowPants: he h heh
HeavyFlowOfEvil: please
OriginOfSymm3try: thansk
Xxmrplayingimsxx: O:-)
OriginOfSymm3try: am I Russian?
HeavyFlowOfEvil: please please say razor light have not covered
LeSparrowPants: the clash are just amazing
FewAgainstMany x: i really want their first album but i have most of the songs that are on it
Mutated idiot: sara asl plz wot
Breni 1988: keefo? do you want some cornell stuff?
Xxmrplayingimsxx: hope not my keys eng
Breni 1988: its in french!
Billiejoesstalka: ..::Heres 30p... shuffle: new found glory - hit or miss ... Call Someone Who Gives A Fuck::..
LeSparrowPants: the ordinary boys cover of little bitch by the specials is good
AIbumVersion: yea sure?
Tree Powder: dont offer me nothing
LeSparrowPants: the specials are better though
OriginOfSymm3try: Who cares if it's a cover, I like The Clash and Razorlight so it's all good
AIbumVersion: want this deviates song?
Breni 1988: ok man
Breni 1988: naaa your ok. i got too much stuff at the mo
HeavyFlowOfEvil: oh my god i will kill myself
AIbumVersion: okie
Xxmrplayingimsxx: lemas cover of touching u s good
AIbumVersion: And Now...\m/... Soundgarden - Rusty Cage 4:26 ...\m/...Because I'm Hardercore Than Thou
OriginOfSymm3try: anyway

but omg seriously tree powder is mentally dont need evidence

Tree Powder: stop trying to make it look like me u stressed out ugly fred dursts brother ffs
Tree Powder: this room used to be alaugh thenits gone kinder backwards since end of jan
FewAgainstMany x: Less than jake ~ Beauty school dropout <3


i love it when tree powder says FFS though haha like he really means it FFS. once i asked someone if they were brown and he went SARA FFS. LIKE IT MATTERS FFS. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO ASK FFS. i think it was him hanyway.
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